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~Lise Clark


Star Power
Lise Clark was born to be on stage. Cheerleader. Homecoming queen. Former Miss New Mexico. Now as a Senior National Sales Director, she has a broader stage to talk about the things she is most passionate about: The Mary Kay career. Her fight against breast cancer. And how hope can see you through the darkest points in your life. “Hope in the future is power in the present, ” she says wisely. check my web site 

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“Hope is the candlelight that flickers inside all of us. It is the spirit, the fire that gives women a place to go and dream again.”

As a young Mary Kay Consultant, Lise jokingly describes herself as a “bulldozer.” “I was a maniac with a mission. It was my goal to make six figures before I was 30.” All grown up now with a beautiful family, a healthy body and business, Lise says her heart has changed over the years. Her three children made her “softer,” she says. And her breast cancer and recovery made her stronger in every way.” pastillas para bajar de peso

My illness strengthened my marriage. It strengthened my faith. It helped me build empathy and compassion for others. I learned to accept love and to love others unconditionally, no matter where they are in their careers.”

Her mission now is to “enroll, empower, enrich and encourage women in their dreams. I want all of the leaders in my area to see what it’s like to be at the top and learn how to be more effective in the world.”

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